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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute president obama gets ready to move the u.s. one step closer to ending the war in afghanistan. he will outline his plan to bring thousands of troops home
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tomorrow. more from our newsroom. >> we are just learning new details about this at this hour. roughly 10,000 troops will likely be coming home over the next two years. the president has had a number of options on the table. this announcement coming tomorrow means some could be home as early as next month. tomorrow, president obama is expected to announce just how many u.s. troops will be coming home. awhite house officials say of the drawdown will not be real. there are currently 100,000 troops in afghanistan. >> of that option is not being
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actively considered in the near term. it is a choice between 5000 and 15,000 this year. the>> the president is still in the process of finalizing his decision on the pace and scope of the drawdown beginning july, 2011. >> military leaders prefer a gradual reduction but many americans would like to see a significant decrease. according to the latest poll, 64% of americans say the war is no longer worth the fight. >> we are going to lose this war. >> after his speech tomorrow president obama will go to new york the home of one of the first to send troops to deployment in afghanistan. summer is officially just
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about an hour from now. the break from the heat is over. adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. >> happy summer solstice. it is little over an hour away. it is the official start to summer. let's take a look at the conditions right now outside. 81 degrees in winchester. we still have the cloud cover overhead the metro area. where we have cleared out, it is warmer. up near 90 degrees for the high temperature this afternoon. the humidity has been increasing since yesterday evening. severe weather tomorrow -- more about that when we come back. montgomery county's department of health and human
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services building is closed today because of a broken air conditioning system. the crisis center on the first floor will remain open. public polls are open beginning today. for all of your heat wave related coverage and what you need to stay safe in the heat, go to the weather page of our website, this is the last full day of spring and it has spawned tornadoes and hailstorms all across the country. a powerful twisters were caught on tape. residents say they are thankful for warnings. >> it is coming right at us guys. >> over 40 reported tornadoes staggering in their size, sweeping across the midwest.
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>> that thing is incredible. >> just outside of omaha neb., watch the force of this tornado. that silver line at the bottom of the screen is a freight train. 13 cars were derailed. thankfully, no one was injured. on the highways, drivers contend with a golf ball-sized hailstones. in omaha terrified of fans and bolted out of the college bowl series game as a dark clouds and heavy rains surrounded the stadium. >> this is the first time i have seen other than a warning walker. >> tractor-trailer's flipped metal roof tops or ripped from warehouses residents left reeling. >> we could feel it in our ears.
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>> despite all of that damage, there are no reports of any serious injuries or deaths. most parts of the country will experience severe weather today. budget cuts for prince george's county schools could mean fewer teacher positions. a $1.6 billion budget was approved which would cut as many as 700 teaching positions. today is the last day of school in fairfax county and also for prince george's county. taxicab drivers are rallying outside the county council building upset about legislation that would cap the number of taxi permits. they said it would create a monopoly for a handful of taxicab companies.
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in fairfax county, students are enjoying their last day of school. it is the last day ever at clifton elementary school. the school board voted to close the school last year, but some parents are now ready to give up just yet. >> it is a very sad day for clifton. >> students aboard the bus knowing it is the last ride they will ever take there. >> it is kind of sad. >> last summer, the fairfax county school board voted to shut down the school at the end of the school year, leaving some parents and students that the stated. >> it is a big part of the community. >> the school board cites increasing costs for reasons for shutting down.
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>> we were able to establish a good relationship with teachers, staff, and we will miss everyone. >> a group of parents have filed a lawsuit to stop the closure but the state supreme court earlier this month upheld the decision. >> having the school go away, that eliminates that cohesiveness those events that bring people together. >> a group of parents and community leaders here in clifton are working on an application to allow clifton elementary to reopen as a charter school. if that were to happen, it would be the first charter school in fairfax county. all of the students will be transferred to three other schools around the region this fall. new at noon police in maryland are looking for two
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suspects following an attempted abduction yesterday evening. a woman was jogging when a man approached her and asked for directions. while they were talking to not another man in a car pulls up and also asks for directions. one of the men grabbed the victim. both suspects fled the scene. no suspects were found. police in prince william county are on the lookout for those involved in two mob attacks. three people were randomly attacked in woodbridge. police say a group of five or as many as six young men pounced on the victims. in another attack a pizza delivery man ended up in the hospital. the pizza delivery man is recovering from his injuries. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.
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the ntsb is holding a public hearing today on the deadly duck boat crashed in philadelphia. officials will discuss the final reports from investigators. the pilot of the barge their craft was on his cell phone just moments before the crash. another republican candidate is joining the race for the white house. jon huntsman. >> today i am a candidate for the office of president of the united states of america. >> there you see he made the announcement at liberty state park the same place where ronald reagan launched his campaign. there are now eight gop contenders.
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all of them of course are hoping to take president obama's a job. coming up,a passenger jet burst into flames but miraculously there are survivors. >> enough is enough. >> tensions in the courtroom. the judge in the casey anthony trial issues a warning. one airline gets ready to roll off another fee for passengers.
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[ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at investigators are combing through a deadly crash in russia. it burst into flames on the highway. 44 people on board were killed
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but amazingly, eight people survived, including a mother and two of her children. they are hospitalized in critical condition. in syra, three people have died -- in syria three people died in demonstrations against the president. democracy activists rejected the speech promising reforms. an estimated 1400 syrians have been killed since the government crackdown began three months ago. the murder trial of casey anthony is back on track today. yesterday, the judge called a timeout and send the jury home. he was frustrated with lawyers from both sides. the trial is now in its third week and jurors are sequestered. >> he is concerned that the
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jurors are accommodated and he is doing everything he can to make sure the trial moves along. >> today's court session picks up where yesterday's left off. the judge ruled a witness could not testify. police in london have arrested an alleged hacker suspected of attacking intelligence agencies. he is a 19-year-old suspected of hacking into sony's system and the cia website. there was a surprise private meeting with nelson mandela and michelle obama. they were visiting his foundation when he sent word that he wanted to meet him personally. the white house said she's been 20 minutes with the leader.
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he is in fragile health these days. today is the first day of summer. the temperatures are definitely living up to summer-like right? >> definitely. today feels like summer out there. today is the summer solstice. get this. we have more than 15 hours of daylight here in washington. in alaska gas when the next time the sun is going to set. august 2. >> i can relate to that when i am trying to go to sleep. >> 1:16 p.m. today is the summer solstice. we do have a cloud cover of
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lingering over much of the area right now. we have clearing off to the west and northwest of the metro. even the cloud cover is thinning so the skies are getting brighter. we had those light showers late last night and earlier this morning. here is a look at our satellite. notice the clouds at just over the metro area. off to the west, uc and the clearing. where we have the sunshine is where temperatures are responding. we will all be at 90 degrees this afternoon. some thunderstorms in ohio in parts of -- and in parts of west virginia. the wider view shows this wound- up system in the midwest.
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where you see this green color there is a risk for severe thunderstorms. locally, we will be within that zone for severe storms tomorrow. a few isolated storms tonight. tomorrow a more widespread chance of storms which could become strong and severe. very humid tomorrow. temperatures in the 90's. at the weekend still looks good. >> here is a look at the stories trending on an 11-year-old girl killed in a traffic accident. the pepco ceo's statements taken on performance were taken out of context. it is going to cost you to print tickets for spirit
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airlines. the airline will charge $5 to have an agent print your boarding pass for you. printing tickets at the airport kiosk will still cost you $1. they say they are trying to save a few dollars for customers checking in online. the airline will cut fares on all non-stop flights by $5 each way. this morning, hundreds of volunteers helped stuff 50,000 backpacks of the national mall containing summer books that will be given to elementary school students across the country. a grim warning from the government. the smoking can kill you. do grisly labels go too far? later t
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7 is on your side this afternoon with the rollout of new cigarette package warning labels.
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the labels are going to be hard to miss because they are going to take up the top half of all cigarette packs front and back. >> we want to make a difference and help people who are smoking stop smoking and discourage people who have not yet taken up the habit. >> i imagine that is being met with mixed responses. the images will be required on all cigarette boxes starting in october of next year. we have all the warning labels on our website the second hurricane of the year in the eastern pacific is gathering strength and is aiming for mexico. it reached hurricane force this morning. its heavy rains and winds have been pounding resort beaches on the coast already shutting down at acapulco. for a full gallery of the images go to our website
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